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Real Life. Real People.
 We are a church that  welcomes everyone to be a  part of our family. No matter  where you are in life there is  a place for you in our family  here at FBC. Join us on  any Sunday to see for yourself. 
 Service Time: 11am
 Sunday School : 9:45am
 Wednesday Night's:
Youth: 6-7:30pm
Children: 6-7:30pm 

What to Expect on Sundays

This page will help you get a “feel” for our Church, so you know what to expect when you walk through our doors. Of course, there’s no better way to discover our Church than by visiting us on a Sunday morning.



Our services consist of worship through music, followed by a time of teaching, and are about 75ish minutes long. FBC Pastors teach out of the Bible and bring messages of truth, hope, and love. We also provide childcare and a children’s ministry with background-check approved volunteers.

Services are held at 409 W St Marys in Centerville Texas.

When you come through the doors, you’ll be greeted by one or more of our greeters and you’ll receive a copy of the day’s bulletin. The bulletin contains the order of service and important announcements about upcoming events and other things.


You can sit anywhere you like. Our people are not worrisome about where they sit on a given Sunday. You won’t be in “somebody’s seat.”


You’ll notice the atmosphere is very pleasant. Lots of kids are usually running around and people are talking to one another. This is not a quiet church. We think it’s important to enjoy yourself when you come to Church.


The Music

Most of our music is led by our worship team, which may consist of singers, acoustic guitar, bass guitar,  piano, and drums. Our music in general is a blend of old and new songs. We believe in learning and singing new songs, but we also love the great hymns of faith and favorite gospel songs. Some people will raise their hands as they worship and many will not. We are open to various expressions of worship. Please feel free to worship in a way that is meaningful to you.

The Offering

At some point in the service we will take up an offering. Guests are not expected to give anything in the offering. Please don’t feel the need to bring money. We’re not after your money.

The Sermon

Our Pastor’s sermons are interesting and engaging. He preaches straight from the Bible and addresses relevant issues in our lives. He will keep your attention.

What should I wear?

There is nothing in Scripture that demands we dress in nice clothes for Church. Jesus was a homeless traveler during his ministry, and probably didn’t have nice clothes. When you come to church, please dress in a way that you are comfortable, as long as your clothing is modest. You will not see men wearing suits and ties at our church, women will sometimes wear dresses / skirts but many do not. Come as you are.

What about my children?

We offer nursery care during the service (newborn-age 5). We also have “Children's Church” (age 3 – 8) which takes place after the first 15 minutes of the main service. Kids will be dismissed by the pastor at the appropriate time. Children are not required to go to Children's Church; they may stay with you during the service if you would prefer.



Yes we have Sunday School classes for all ages children to Senior Adults. There is literally something for everybody when it comes to Sunday School.

There’s much more to learn about our Church. Feel free to call the church office @ 903-536-2302 to chat, or arrange a meeting. There’s also lots more information right here on the website in the About  Ministries sections. Or check us out on Facebook.

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